Company Profile

Pure Chemicals Group is a global chemical company with over three decades of experience with annual revenues exceeding 300 million USD. We initially started as a distribution company and we have diversified into specialty chemicals manufacturing from 2008. We have invested heavily in research and technology and developed superior products though our own R&D and technical collaborations.

PUREPRINT® is a specialty division of Pure Chemicals Co which was planted on 1988. PUREPRINT pile in to Indian Market on 2008 in Textile Printing Inks which comprises of Specialty chemicals for Screen Printing. Our products are highly adhere with the standards of major retailers such as H&M, M&S, S.Oliver, Mothercare, etc. which are precisely known & established to Eco-standards.

We do a spotlight on our products and services and in turn we merchandise the value we posses!

The technical team of PUREPRINT® is not only based upon theoretical knowledge but also is knowledgeable with the practical difficulties with the application procedures and henceforth we are succeeding in linking our product mentally with the end user.

We are selling our products, our services and in turn we sell the value we posses. All our people are a good family with the mission which will definitely make the end user to cherish every business moment with us!


PUREPRINT® aims to provide our customers with the world class textile printing experience by our expertise in touching human lives in the form of garment and with the view of value added textiles everywhere all through our vision with the perspicuous of compliance and standards!

  • Expertise in Product & Service Innovation
  • Integrity Intelligence
  • Market and Customer Focus
  • Market Research of Existing brands
  • Leader in Product Safety & Ecology
  • People Excellence
  • Quality with consistency

Engineering and R&D services

We are one of the world’s leading and fastest growing global engineering services provider.

Business Process Services

Our Business Process Services helps organizations move from operational excellence.